Sunday, March 9, 2014

Welcome to the Dueber-Hampden Watch Works  

One of the most often asked question for my blog has been:  Where do I get my Dueber-Hampden watch fixed, and what is its value? 

My best answer is to have your watch appraised with a reputable jeweler in your town.   Most people are surprised and disappointed that their watch isn't worth more in dollar value, but unless you have one of the high end Dueber-Hampden watches, or one of the rare and more sought after ones, your watch will not top out at the high end of dollar value.  

For certain though, no one can put a price on the sentimental value of your watch.  If your watch was carried by grandfather, or pinned to your grandmother vest, or has been passed down through the generations, then that is where your watch value really should be measured.  

In addition to your local jeweler, another good resource is to find the National Watch and Clock Collectors Chapter in your area, and ask them to help you find someone in their group, who can either help you, or direct you to someone knowledgeable in watch care and help you with an appraisal.  

Also join in the conversation at Dueber-Hampden Facebook. Feel free to add questions, and join in the discussion of other members' watches.  

As I am away from my blog for time being, please link on to Alan Garratt's blog about Dueber-Hampden He is knowledgeable,  and continually updating his site to add new and interesting information about Dueber-Hampden.  

Enjoy the video about Dueber-Hampden, and thank you for visiting our blog. 

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