Saturday, February 20, 2010

Newport, Kentucky research up to now...

I am on an interesting journey to uncover John C. Dueber, and his lasting impact on Canton, Ohio, but before Dueber came to Canton, his case works started in Newport, Kentucky. This is where I am beginning my research.
So far I have found there are many generous people who want to share their information and their knowledge.
Jerry Moore, from the Campbell County Historical Society (Kentucky),
lent the map that shows the Dueber Case Factory in Newport, Kentucky, from an 1883 atlas of Northern Kentucky.

Map graphic--Campbell County Historical Society--
(1883) Atlas of Northern Kentucky

This factory (shown in the photograph) located at Washington and Madison Streets, was built around 1880 for the sole purpose of making silver cases. It was the second factory Dueber built and was connected by a tunnel to the gold case company located on Washington and Jefferson Streets in Newport. The east and west street names were changed around 1910. Madison Street became 5th street and Jefferson Street became 6th street. Washington Street stayed the same.
Mr. Moore said the building is still standing and is the "same location of the Hyde Park Clothes Factory. Hyde Park Clothes has been closed now for about 10 years. The largest building is now being used as an office building and is rented out to various businesses."

Thanks Jerry for that information
Gibbs, James W. From Springfield to Moscow: The Complete Dueber-Hampden Story. Revised Edition--supplement to the 1954 Dueber-Hampden Story. Philadelphia, PA: Supplement to the Bulletin of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, Inc., 1986. Print.

(image of building--used by permission from The McKinley Presidential Library & Museum, Canton, Ohio)

Map graphic--Campbell County Historical Society--(1883) Atlas of Northern Kentucky


  1. Very interesting information. What is we still had jobs like Deuber Hampdem offered to our country back then? The buildings are still there and the one is still being used - we need to see more (preservation) and not tear everything down. Looking forward to more history.

  2. This building(The Higgins Manufacturing Co/Palm Beach Co)was located on corner of 5th and Washington and is now a parking lot.
    Building was not Hyde Park Building. It was Palm Beach.
    The Old Hyde Park Building is located one block up on 6th and Washington, which is now Water Tower Square.

  3. Thanks for helping to make my blog more accurate. I appreciate your comments and will do more investigating about these buildings. I appreciate all your help. Thanks for the post.

  4. Hyde Park Clothes Inc
    6th & Washinton Street
    Newport, Ky
    My husbands family owned Hyde Park Clothes

    1. Dear Erica, thanks for sharing this with our blog readers. Interesting to know.

    2. Erica, I would love to talk to you. My father and grandfather worked for Hyde Park Clothes and knew the Levine family. Thanks, Cameron Dall

    3. Currently looking into the history of a building on Monmouth Street. It was a clothing store known as "The Levine Brothers" Store. In 1925 it was deeded to Oscar and Susan Levine, Arthur and Rae Levine, Nathan Levine and Lillian Levine. Nathan Levine also had another clothing store on Monmouth known as Dixie Clothiers". There was also a Levine Brothersstore on Madison in nearby Covington,Ky. Is this your husband's family Erica?

  5. Hello Lee,
    Are you familiar with the family name Woolley who resided in Cincinnati?
    "Edgar and Amos Woolley - sons of the late Richard Woolley who died a few years ago - leaving a large fortune. He had a leather store which the heirs sold out and his two youngest sons engaged in the saddlery manufacturing business. One year ago, they bought the Dueber Watchcase Works and moved their factory to Newport, KY."
    The father died in 1886. The saddlery/leather company was located at 6th and Washington. In the early 1890's the Co. moved from Cincinnati to Newport.
    Edgar and older brother Richard Jr.s 1885 era houses are both being torn down. I was researching the family/houses and saw the Dueber connection. Hope it helps.