Wednesday, August 1, 2018

To all those who follow the Story of Dueber-Hampden Watch Works.

I am pleased to post a link to a publication from a friend and dedicated researcher, Mr. Alan Garratt, who has completed his many years of compiling information about the Dueber-Hampden Watch Works and what happened after the factory closed in Canton, Ohio and moved operations to the Soviet Union.  Many of you may recall that Mr. Garratt was a guest blogger on this site and shared much of his research with many of us. 

His book is called the "Birth of Soviet Watchmaking"


This book is available for download in PDF format and a small donation is requested, but not mandatory.

Mr. Garratt ask only that you make a small donation to the charity of:

This past summer Dave Miller from Michigan whose Grandfather and Grandmother were instrumental in helping  Dueber-Hampden complete the move to Russia, and I met Alan Garratt when he was in Canton to share his story with the William McKinley Presidential Library & Museum. 

I am sure that his book will help explain more of the continuing history of Dueber-Hampden Watch Works. 

Thank you Alan for sharing this with all of us. 

This image shows the handful of mechanics and watch makers boarding the ship to carry the remains of the factory to Russia.  Among those aboard were Dave Miller's Grandparents.